Laboratory Staffing

Maintain ongoing, compliant operations with our array of talented laboratory professionals. We provide the people power to run your lab.

Staffing your laboratory with experienced professionals

PhytestDX will equip your practice’s new laboratory with a team dedicated to your lab alone. With the right laboratory staffing plan, your laboratory will be able to grow your test menu offerings and expand your footprint.


All disciplines: Lab Director, Technical Director, General Supervisor, Medical Lab Scientists, and Support Staff


Dedicated to exclusively working in your laboratory


Fully trained and managed by our team


Sourced from personal relationships in the industry

Supporting your laboratory operations

We go beyond recruitment. After hand-picking a team for your lab, we manage their workflows, processes, and performance.

By partnering with us, the responsibility of recruiting lab staff, managing budgets, time, and workflows shifts off your plate so you can get back to more pressing responsibilities in your practice. Our partnership approach allows you to focus on the quality of care you provide your patients while we fully manage the laboratory professionals who support your efforts.