Laboratory Design & Setup

From concept to final laboratory installation, our team brings your new physician-owned lab to life. All of your needs are uniquely met throughout the entire process of design of the space, equipment selection, and installation.

Designing and Setting Up a Physician-Owned Laboratory

A well-equipped in-house laboratory plays in enhancing the efficiency and quality of patient care within a physician practice. By partnering with us, your practice gains the advantage of a tailored, high-complexity laboratory solution designed to meet your specific needs and workflows. With our expertise and risk-shared approach, we ensure that every aspect of your new laboratory construction aligns seamlessly with your practice’s goals, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience and clinical outcomes.


We take location requirements and available space into consideration along with your visions for growth to map the layout that will best suite your needs.

High-Complexity Expertise

You can expect a cutting-edge laboratory meticulously crafted to meet the demands of complex diagnostic procedures and regulatory requirements.


Our team works with you to deliver a laboratory that factors in your practice’s growth. Equipment and designs are intentionally selected to handle increased volumes and expanding test menus.

Health and Safety

In addition to helping you achieve the necessary accessibility requirements, we also install safety products like fume hoods, eye wash stations, and HVAC systems.

Buildout and equipment


Cost Management

We’ll collaborate with you to develop and adhere to a practical budget for your laboratory setup expenses. This includes sourcing the necessary lab equipment, optimizing the lab layout and design, and exploring avenues to minimize setup costs.


Equipment Sourcing and Arrangement

Our team will carefully evaluate your requirements to ensure that your lab equipment is strategically placed to maximize space and efficiency. 


Workflow Optimization

Once the setup and equipment are in place, we’ll work with you to identify and implement an optimized workflow, enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

Preparing for go-live


Credentialing and Licensing

Our experienced team assists with attaining all necessary certifications specific to your facility. We have experience navigating the processes required by CLIA, COLA, CAP, and state regulators to ensure complete accreditations.


Validation and SOP Development

We will complete required validations and SOP’s for all testing lines. This includes any and all technical assessments to obtain necessary Z-codes.


Technology Immplementation

We will work with your IT team to build ordering and resulting interfaces between the Lab Information System and your Practice Management System. 

Experience the difference with a true partner

How our model helps you start, manage, and scale your physician-owned lab for long-term success

Our team is one of the only laboratory management companies in the country who has a risk-shared approach when helping large physician group practices build and manage an in-house high-complexity laboratory. Support doesn’t stop after buildout and installation; our team fully manages and operates your laboratory at a professional level so you can focus on your quality of care.