Laboratory Management

Our unique model provides ongoing management of your laboratory in a long-term partnership. Once your new lab is  operational you can focus on improving patient care while PhytestDX delivers the clincial and operational results from the lab.

Maintain Oversights While Minimizing Inputs

After constructing a state-of-the-art laboratory tailored to your physician practice’s needs, our commitment extends beyond mere construction. We offer comprehensive ongoing management services to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency of your laboratory. From equipment maintenance and calibration to inventory management and regulatory compliance, our team handles all aspects of laboratory management with precision and expertise.

With our proactive approach, we run all aspects of your lab operations, allowing your practice to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Partner with us for continued support and excellence in laboratory management, ensuring that your facility remains at the forefront of diagnostic capabilities.

Our services include:


KPI Tracking


Utilization and ordering measurements


Clinical performance positivity rates


Financial performance monitoring


Ordering and resulting connectivity monitoring


Regulatory and compliance adherence

Resources and updates about your lab, at your fingertips with our Lab Hub

Our innovative approach to promoting the practice’s new high-complexity laboratory within your practice comes with tools at your staff’s fingertips. Your lab comes equipped with a web-based tool: your unique Lab Hub.

Optimize efficiency and workflows on the go

We’ve developed an innovative solution with the understanding that your office staff are constantly on their feet, not tied to desks.

Your Lab Hub is meticulously crafted to cater to this dynamic work environment. Accessible directly from their smartphones, the Lab Hub empowers staff with seamless access to workflows, PDF resources, and other resources for the laboratory—anytime, anywhere. By putting essential lab management resources at their fingertips, we’re enabling physicians to focus on delivering exceptional patient care while maximizing productivity within their practice.