Laboratory Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

By partnering with our sister company, Phytest, and it’s 25 years of lab RCM experience, we provide full-service laboratory billing and RCM as part of our ongoing operational and management services. When you introduce your new in-house laboratory to your practice, you won’t have to worry about billing and collecting the new lab revenue from complex laboratory claims.

A team of reimbursement experts ensuring your new lab is profitable

PhytestDX and the Phytest revenue cycle team collaborate on fully managing your in-house laboratory’s billing and revenue cycle management. Our end-to-end services include:


  • Claim scrubbing
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Insurance billing
  • Patient statements
  • Denial management
  • Financial dashboard and reporting
  • And more

Unparalleled service that will maximize your new lab’s revenue

Phytest DX clients have the full resources of Phytest’s revenue cycle team behind their laboratory.  This includes a resource dedicated to managing the billing and collection functions of your laboratory.

Phytest’s revenue cycle team is 100% US based and its service representatives have years of experience working with patients to explain laboratory EOB’s and statements, while the insurance team stays up to date on the ever-changing pre-authorization and Z-code requirements needed to get genetic and molecular tests paid.  Access to a patient portal is readily available to maximize payments to your laboratory.


Laboratory Billing and RCM Resources

Read more about the specialized expertise that our sister company, Phytest, holds in the lab billing industry.